A fresh coat of paint may be your last chance to protect the exterior of your property from moisture and impending wood rot that often takes place in our tough seasons. Failing to take the necessary steps to protect your home can be very costly. If your property goes unpainted through the seasons you may end up with extensive wood damage that could cost thousands to repair. The easiest way to prevent this is with a fresh coat of paint before winter weather sets in. A good painting contractor with quality paints could protect the exterior of your home for ten years or longer.

Painting your home is also the most cost effective home remodeling project that can be done. Imagine, for a nominal cost, completely changing the colors and look of your home. We have painted homes with modern, updated hues and friends who have come to visit the home owner have driven right by!

Contact  GOPRO PAINTERS today to discuss ideas on exterior wood repair and the types of paint we can use for your stucco painting, trim painting and more. We can schedule a free estimate for you right away on both exterior and interior painting services!

Most projects will be professionally prepared including power washing, caulking, scraping and priming prior to any final coats of quality paint.

Additional Services, not limited to:
• Pressure Washing
• Caulking Remove and Replace
• Reset Nail Pops
• Painting Aluminum Siding
• Paint / Stain/ Seal Wood Surfaces
• Wood/ Stucco repair / Replace
• Paint/ Stain Brick Surfaces
• Deck Staining
• Deck Repair/ Replace
• Garage Doors and Carports
• Shutters
• Window Paint/ Repair/ Replace
• Gutter / Roof Protection

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